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Welcome to Spectratox

We test drugs and other products for phototoxicity. We test on healthy volunteers, we analyse the results and we report back.

Our clients for these clinical phototoxicity, in-vitro phototoxicity and photogenotoxicity assessments are pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations from the UK and overseas.

They choose Spectratox because we:

  • have distinguished personnel
  • have an international reputation in UV light measurement and dosimetry
  • operate to the highest industrial, regulatory and ethical standards
  • adopt rigorous quality control
  • have an extensive archive of control material
  • have a wide range of cell lines
  • design equipment to embrace the latest developments in optics and drug photo-testing.

And, of course, because there’s no finer place to do science in the world than Dundee, Scotland.


Web Site Launched

18th April 2008